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A Trillion Cut Diamond at Gervasi Vineyard

gervasi vineyard engagement, couple twirling in vineyard

Matthew & Erin

Gervasi Vineyard Engagement

Canton, Ohio

How stunning are these two? We spent the loveliest summer evening together frolicking around Gervasi Vineyards and captured the sweetest moments for Matthew and Erin. I love coming here, it’s like a hidden oasis in the middle of Canton. And I won’t be surprised if these Gervasi Vineyard engagement photos make you want to take a trip out here too.

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than taking engagement photos and then showing up with my camera on their wedding day. I love spending time getting to know my couples ahead of time so I can tell their unique love story through my lens. And well… with Matt and Erin, I saw it right from the beginning – their love story is truly one of a kind.. Oh and have you seen the ring??

Here’s a little back story behind the custom trillion cut diamond, which was literally blinding me during their session.. You see, Erin and Matt have a thing for “threes”, meaning just the number three in general. Their first apartment together is 330 Apartment 3A, and both of their first jobs out of college have addresses that start with threes. Plus before they even started dating they had an inside joke that surrounded the number three! And, this one was partially by chance, but their wedding day just happens to be the 33rd Saturday in 2021! 

How special is this story? I absolutely love that Matt proposed with the trillion cut diamond because of it. 😍 Here are a few of my favorites to show off this perfect duo. And make sure to scroll down to the bottom to read about their proposal!

It’s true, I’m not going to end this post without having Erin share about their proposal:

Matt’s family has a lake house up in Marblehead, Ohio that we visit often during the summer. During the winter, the whole family will still go to the house to check on the boats and go fishing. The weekend that Matt proposed was supposed to be his birthday party (that was partially part of his “cover up” story as to why we were going to the lake that weekend). It was a normal Saturday with cold weather at the lake with his whole family there getting ready for his birthday party, I really didn’t suspect a thing. Early in the afternoon, Matt’s dad said “hey let’s all go to the Marblehead Lighthouse and see what it looks like with ice and cold weather”, so we all piled into the car. On the rocks by the lighthouse he proposed, and it took at least 5 minutes of falling to my knees/happy tears for me to even try on the ring, let alone realize my ENTIRE family had been hiding behind rocks taking photos! I am SO grateful Matt planned his proposal to share the moment with my parents and grandparents along with all of his and mine siblings.

😍 Congratulations to this incredible duo – I’m super excited for you two and simply cannot wait for your wedding day!

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