spring wedding portraits at the Cleveland Art Museum
juliana kae

Wedding Portraits at Cleveland Art Museum

Spring in Ohio is the perfect time to take wedding portraits at the Cleveland Art Museum, not only because of the picturesque setting, but also because of the vibrant colors that add a pop of excitement to your photos. The blooming flowers, lush greenery, and colorful trees make for stunning backdrops that will make your wedding album pop with life and energy.

Mimi and Philip have been married for two whole years but have not seen each other in their wedding attire! Due to Covid, they had to reschedule their wedding not once, but twice. It came to the point that they just decided to elope. When Mimi reached out about doing spring wedding portraits at the Cleveland Art Museum I knew they would be spectacular!

This area is beautiful year round but there’s something special about the light here in the springtime. The sun is warmer, the shadows are longer, and the quality of the light is just different than any other time of year. For Mimi and Philip, this created a magical atmosphere that infused their wedding photos with warmth and happiness.





juliana kae

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