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Pastel house in Charleston SC


Four days in Charleston, South Carolina

It’s not often that you wake up and want to go on an adventure. We have always wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina and after being cooped up at home all winter we were really craving some sunshine and a little adventure. So we booked an Airbnb, packed our car and headed down south. We […]

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Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

I’m so excited to share some images from our spontaneous trip to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Scrolling through these photos might give you the impression that it was warm and felt like spring but unfortunately that was not the case.

juliana kae

Behind the lens


I love preserving timeless moments from your most intimate day by composing images that evoke feelings of the moment through rich and timeless imagery.

photos with a beautiful dreamlike quality

Juliana captures

that stand the test of time.

-Amanda & Lee


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