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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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From choosing a venue to styling tables, there’s a lot of effort that goes into wedding planning. So before you get caught up in the excitement of it all, one of the first things you should do involves finding a wedding photographer that fits your style and budget. Unlike other wedding day details, your photos serve as keepsakes for years to come. That’s why I recommend asking photographers these questions to ensure you find the right one.

I thought it’d be a good idea to include my answers for those interested in working with me. Here are the 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer:

1. What style do you specialize in?

I have a mix of photojournalistic and fine art style of shooting and a bright, airy, classic look. Photojournalism is characterized by an unposed naturalness, documenting events as they unfold. My goal as a photojournalistic photographer is to be as invisible as possible so that I can capture the organic, sincere moments of the wedding day as they happen. My clients love the way this style of photography helps to preserve their memories. Nothing beats flipping through your photo album and sharing “Remember when …” stories from your wedding, and nothing captures those shots quite as well as photojournalism.

Fine art wedding photography is about creating visual art – something aesthetically beautiful and impactful. Shooting fine art wedding photography involves a more deliberate mindset, with care to make the most of every shot and every moment. I find myself drawing on the fine art style most when shooting the details of a wedding and during the bride & groom portraits. These are the times when I can be most intentional about creating artistic beauty without fearing that I might miss a candid moment. 

Even within the category of “fine art,” photographers can have very different aesthetic preferences. There are photographers who create fine art photos with a dark moody vibe, but my own style is bright and airy.

2. Can I see a full gallery of a wedding you have shot?

Absolutely! I love sharing full galleries because they truly let you see how I capture the wedding day from beginning to end. It also allows you to decide if that is how you see your wedding day captured and if we’d be a good fit.

3. What kinds of photo edits/post-production work do you include as part of your service? 

I edit and color correct every image in your gallery. The images in my portfolio and on my website will give you a good idea of what my editing looks like. 

4. How long after the wedding can I expect to see my proofs? 

I will have a full gallery up for you within 60 days of the wedding. I know how excited you will be to see your photos after the wedding, so I’m passionate about getting them to you promptly! 

5. Could you explain exactly what is included in your package(s), and can we customize one to fit our needs? 

Of course! I have a package and pricing page that lays out what is included in each of my packages, and we can easily customize any package to meet your needs. Tell me what you would like included, and I will build a package that’s a perfect fit! 

6. How many hours of coverage are included? 

All of my packages include at least 8 hours of wedding day coverage. I believe that is the perfect amount of time to get all aspects of your day captured without feeling rushed. If you are expecting over 30 minutes of drive time between events or locations I recommend booking 9 or 10 hours of coverage.

7. How much would it be for additional hours of coverage if things run late or if our plans change?

I charge $300/hour for additional hours of coverage. 

8. Can I see a contract? 

Yes! I’ll be happy to show you what my standard contract looks like, and you will be able to thoroughly review your own specific contract before you sign or pay a retainer. 

9. What is your policy if you become injured or ill and can’t photograph the wedding?

There are two possibilities in this situation, both of which are explained in my contract. The first is that I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. I have a wide acquaintance with the talented and dedicated photography community in my area, and I am confident that I could find a replacement that you approve of who would do an excellent job. The second option is: if you don’t wish me to find a replacement, I will refund your payment so that you can make alternate arrangements. 

10. Can you assure us that you have backup equipment? 

Most definitely. I always have my backup cameras, extra batteries, memory cards, etc., to be sure that all of my bases are covered.

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I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer. You may use the contact form to get in touch.







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